Sunrunner's Ragdolls


Sunrunner's Barig  ~ Pörri
Red point mitted Radgoll male
dob 11.11.2006
Sire: PR, EC Hobbit-Dolls Julian Wind Dam: CH The Nordolls Sunrunner Sioned
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CH The Nordolls Sun-Runner Sioned  ~ Sissy
Red colourpoint Radgoll female
Sire: IC Purrfurus Navaho Red Pride Dam: Queen Jamillia They Countrycat
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Sissy is the first female cat in Sunrunner's cattery. She is an energetic and playful
red colourpoint female born in Holland. Sissy has a very sweet personality.
She likes to jump into my lap and start kneading. At night, if I sleep on my stomach,
she comes on my back and kneads there with a lot of purr.

Sissy likes to talk a lot with her tiny voice. It is very difficult to take photos of her, because she just can not sit still and pose.

Sissy has put the boys in order and discipline, so it seems that she is now the boss
of the cats. Sissy is a real gourmet: her favourite dish is shrimps or ShinyCat cans.

Sissy's favourite hobby is spending time in the outside cat pen
and watch birds and mice and other animals

CH Sunrunner's Alasen  ~ Anis
Bluetortie mitted Radgoll female
Sire: EC Hobbit-Dolls Julian Wind Dam: CH The Nordoll Sunrunner Sioned
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Anis is a young female from the first Sunrunner's litter.
She is a nicely marked blue tortie mitted with an interesting looking split face. 
Anis seems to develop to a good sized female with a very heavy but long body structure. Her coat quality is what a ragdoll really should have: the exactly right silky texture.

Anis loves spending time in the outdoor cat pen, at least during her first summer,
which was long, sunny and very warm. She is very playful and has enjoyed a lot of the running games with her new "little brother", Mikko the Persian.

One of her favourite hobbies is eating.

Bluemellow's Heartbreaking Moments ~ Hertta
Bluetortie bicolour Radgoll female

Hertta is a sweet young bicolour girl, the colour and pattern I have  been dreaming of a long time. Hertta is a grand daughter of my Sepi. She comes from Bluemellow's cattery in Germany.

Females in foster homes


EP Allierags Rambo Tito  ~ Tito
Seal colourpoint Radgoll neuter male
Sire: PR & EC Mirandos Rattle 'N Hum Dam: CH Mt Doll Golden Lady
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Tito is my very first Ragdoll and he moved to Tuusula in May 1999.
I took a week off from work, as I do always do when I have a new cat.
Tito started to grow very fast and he grew up to a very big male. 
I had preliminary thought of having a pet quality kitten, but Hely thought Tito
could have some success in the shows and asked if I would consider taking him
in a cat show some day. Eventually Tito has achieved the title of FIFe Europa Premior.

Tito is a very large and very intelligent cat and he knows what he is.
Tito's special hobby is hunting: voles, mice and lizards. He once managed to catch
a bird but he had to let it go because a flock of swallows and wagtails attacked him
and rescued their fellow bird. 

Tito has experienced a lot, among other things performing in a live TV show in spring 2002. You can read a story about this exciting day on TV here

PR & EC Hobbit-Dolls Julian Wind  ~ Pikku-Jussi
Blue bicolour (high mitted) Radgoll neuter male
Sire: EC Hobbit-Dolls Free Like A Wind Dam: EC LaCasaDolce Lady Grace
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I had a dream of having a blue bicolour as my second Ragdoll.
As Sepi is seal the dream was waiting for to come true. I found a very sweet blue bicolour kitten in Hobbit-Dolls cattery.

The baby boy got his name Jussi and I call him Pikku-Jussi (Little Jussi), because my first Persian was also called Jussi. Pikku-Jussi follows me all the time. If I walk from one room to another it takes only a second that he is also there. Sometimes he is faster than me and I almost fall down, when he is in my feet. Pikku-Jussi's special hobby is climbing on the net walls in the cat pen.

Pikku-Jussi has been a stud boy, but is already neutered.
He has had litters with 5 females: in Sarahill’s cattery with Naukuri Diana,
in Hassunhauska cattery with Hassunhauska Aina Ihana, in Okapi’s cattery with
Mirandos Heaven Can Wait , in Kismarsis cattery with Erkatin Jutta Janette and
in my own cattery with The Nordolls Sunrunner Sioned.

Pikku-Jussi has been tested against PKD (PKD-neg) and HCM (HCM-neg).
His blood group is A.

The Nordolls Sun-Runner's Fire  ~ Rane
Red colourpoint Radgoll neuter male
Sire: Kaiwara Beauvais Dam: Purrfurus Eternal Flame
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In late spring 2003 a Dutch breeder friend Marian Groenendijk asked if I could help her to find a nice name for one of her first red kittens. It should contain the word "sun". So I send her a suggestion: how about Sun-Runner's Fire. I never thought that this kitten would be mine in a couple of months. Marian came to Finland to a cat show in early August and took Sunrunner with her to the show. After the show we decided that he will stay with me in Finland. His name was changed to Rane which suits better to a Finnish mouth. Rane is really what his name tells: a very sunny character - always happy and friendly-and a good runner too.

Rane is a neutered boy, because unfortunately he has a tiny imperfection in his tail tip. But Rane is happy as a neuter, free from all the trouble women cause.

We travelled with Rane to the recognition show for new Ragdoll colours
in Breda in Holland. There Rane had a chance to perform also in the special panel
for BIS new colours. On the way back Rane showed how clever he is:
he escaped from his Sherpa bag in the plane!




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