"Tito's wonderful morning"

One day Mom was on a business trip in Jyväskylä, in Central Finland. She had kept her mobile shut the whole day during the meeting and during the flight back to Helsinki. At Helsinki airport the mobile started to peep, a lot of messages. There was one very strange message from Riitta (the whole world is upside down and Riitta is almost fainting. Mom did not understand at all what that was, so she called Riitta immediately. The big news was that ragdolls would be live on TV in the morning show. Mom almost fainted herself too when Riitta said she ought to go there too and take me with her.

We spent the following week in mixed feelings. Mom was considering if she would take me there or not. Finally she decided that off we go.

The next Thursday morning we had an early wake up and grooming. That is not what we usually do early on Thursday mornings. Then Mom put my harness on me and put me in my carrier, Ma's cheeks seemed to be quite red from excitement.

Mom met Harri somewhere in Pasila (the part of Helsinki, where the TV-studios are) and so they drove one after the other to look for the MTV3-studios. They drove to MTV3's gate and asked the way. The gatekeeper asked very carefully who you are and with who have you made arrangements. Then he gave us instructions to drive all the way to the back of the studio area. Mom first tried to get in at a totally wrong door, and then she had to carry me (remember, over 8 kilos plus the carrier) all the way to the other side of that building.

Mom and Harri were told to go to make-up as soon as we arrived. We cats do not need such, we are naturally handsome and beautiful. So I stayed there with Herkku and Molla-Maija. Harri came back from the make-up quicker than Mom and he took us to the studio to wait the show to start. We will be there on the show already in the beginning. Haa, Mom does not know that yet.

There was a very talented chef making a gourmet dish from Norwegian salmon. The delicious piece of fish smelled soooo gooood. Damn! And I am sitting in the carrier. I am supposed to be ALWAYS helping in cooking. Mom says that one day I will burn my paws, if I jump on a hot stove.

Finally Mom came back from the make-up, she took a cup of coffee in the waiting room and, good, she came to see me there in the studio. Good indeed, she took me out of the carrier, but damn again, she connected a leash to my harness. Other people came to the studio and the hostess of the show, Tiina Klemettilä, came to wonder how handsome I am, and how big I am. But me, I took a good jump towards the chef's table. I already had my claws on the table top (it is sometimes useful to be as big as I am) and I started to pull myself on the table and to that delicious fish there. Damn! Mom took me down and the hostess of the cooking part of the show ran there and covered the fish with a plate. Everyone was laughing at me. During the whole show they were talking that there is a great danger that the cat will eat the fish. Mom, Riitta and Harri told me that I tried to steel the whole show.

I seemed to cry so loud after that delicious fish, that they heard it also in the neighbour studio, where they were doing another morning show ("Good Morning Finland"). They said they hear some strange noises, is there some trouble with the hostess of "Wonderful Morning" show.

Finally it was time for our turn in the show and we sat down on the couch with Ma. Riitta sat next to us with Grandma-Snoozie and guess who sat there too. It was a famous, good looking violist Linda Lampenius and she had Herkku in her lap. You can bet that I have been teasing Sepi that his father had a wonderful morning hugging lovely Linda and I had also a chance to sit on the same couch. He had to stay at home and did not have fun at all. (Well, I must admit that Sepi has a chance to meet real girl friends from time to time.)

Harri was sitting quite close to Linda with Molla-Maija. I was though nearest to the hostess-Tiina, but at first she did not ask me anything. I tried to say my opinion to every question and finally she understood that she had to talk to ME, too. It was really hot there on the couch, I had to start panting like on a hot summer day in our sunny garden. And the smell of that salmon dish, it was so tempting that I made again an effort to reach the chef's table.

But the interview was over and we all returned to the waiting room. I was allowed to walk on the floor in my harness and then the chef came out of the studio with that delicious smelling salmon dish and I would really have wanted to eat it all.

We entered the studio once more and I walked there all by myself, in my harness and leash though, but anyway. (It seems that I will achieve some privileges that my father Rambo has, but he walks without any harness and leash). We were all posing in a couple of photos.

We signed MTV3's quest book and then Mom had to rush to work, she said she was already more than one hour late from a meeting. Luckily Mom's office is not far away from the studios. When we arrived there we saw that the whole office was "upside down". They had not even started with the meeting and almost the whole department had been in a conference room watching TV all morning and through the whole "Wondeful Morning" show. They just had got a little nervous because there was so many ads.... So we ruined not just my Mom's meeting but many others, too.

I had to wait until evening, before I could tell Sepi what a wonderful and exciting morning I had.

The time flew, because a lot of people came to visit me, the TV celebrity. I think that day's post was stuck in Mom's department because the delivery woman was all the time visiting me. And the big, big boss of Mom's department came to say hello to me, too. (He is a nice man and comes from the same district with me, so he talks the dialect, which makes me remember my childhood.) Besides that I visited an Estonian lesson. I was at an Estonian lesson already for the second time ( I'll soon be a master in Estonian language). Mom's Estonian teacher was also overwhelmed, when she met me, the TV star. Mom seemed to be so overwhelmed that I think she was not able to speak any Estonian. She told me that the excitement attacked her afterwards.

Mom had a quick lunch, there was SALMON soup on the many. Mom thought that she had brought some soup for me, because I did not get any salmon in the morning. But she was so hungry that ate all the soup by herself. Damn! Well she promised me that when we get at home I will get shrimps.

Finally it was time to get back home. When we arrived to our home yard, one of the neighbours shouted: Hi there you TV stars! She said that se had not left for work at all in the morning, not before the whole show was over. We really managed to mix up many people's lives today.

The shrimps tasted heavenly and then I started to feel really sleepy. I took Sepi's sleeping basket for myself. I think I had earned it, being a TV star.

I almost forgot to tell you that both Sepi and his father are rather stupid. Herkku started to talk sweet words to ME there in the studio. Could anyone say that I look like a stunning chick. I am laughing. His eyes must have got really dizzy when hugging Linda. And at home Sepi sang me a sweet love song when I was still in the carrier. But you should have seen him how disappointed he was when I, the big man, walked out of the carrier and not some sweet little girlie.

-Bye now, have a wonderful summer

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